Purchasing & Opening

Q: What programs can I use these templates in?

Q: I downloaded the template, but I can't open it. Help!

Q: Can I get a .doc file? I have an older version of Word and I can't open .docx files.

Q: I don't have much experience yet. Is there a template that would work for me?


Q: How do I move text boxes and lines around by small amounts?

Q: I can't seem to select the lines/borders. It's driving me crazy!

Q: I messed up the text boxes by moving them around. How do I make everything aligned properly?

Q: This template is beyond my skills. Can I pay you to migrate my information from my old resume into a new one?

Saving & Printing

How do I save my resume as a PDF?

Q: When I save my resume to a PDF, it changes! How do I fix this?

Q: There's a white border around my PDF. Why doesn't it look the same as in Word?

Q: When I print my resume, there's a white border around it. Why?

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