Fledge is a one-woman show: the shop of Amy Dozier.  

Hello! I'm Amy, a slightly nomadic "creative person" currently based in Ireland. I've always had anxiety about the job hunting process, so I channeled it into perfecting my own resume. Eventually, I had so many different variations for different types of positions that I figured others could make use of my unused designs to get hired. I started selling affordable resume templates in 2015, and it's been a fulfilling passion ever since.

I first sold my resumes with a Gumroad-based storefront, but decided I needed to expand the collection and give them a proper home: hence Fledge! These templates will help you catch your prospective employer's eye, impress them with your fastidiousness, and show a little of your personality; but they'll also encourage you to feel more confident. They're a professional, neat frame around a picture of your working life - helping to show how valuable you would be to an employer.

If you have any questions, or would like to tell me about your experience using these templates, drop me an email! I'd also love to hear if you used a template and got hired. I welcome all feedback and suggestions.

From "Fledge" with love,

Amy Dozier